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Like countless others, Isaac George Kannon had a dream: to immigrate to America, to work hard, and to provide his family with a healthy and prosperous life. He stepped ashore on Ellis Island in 1905. Isaac quickly settled in Raleigh, North Carolina and began to peddle quality goods from a pack on his back. He peddled on foot throughout Wake County for six years until he could afford the luxury of a horse and buggy. Finally, in 1916, Isaac opened a retail store in Wendell, North Carolina, where the family served loyal customers for 100 years.

Kannon’s relocated to Raleigh’s Village District shopping center with two separate locations for Men and Women. Kannon’s Clothing remains one of the oldest family-owned clothing stores in the country.

Kannon’s is the epitome of a family business, now extending into its fourth generation of management. Today Kannon’s is owned and operated by Isaac’s grandchildren Joe Ann, George, Boo and Mary Kathryn, with Isaac’s great-grandchild Mary-Kannon now involved full-time in the business.

To quote Joe Ann Wright, granddaughter of Isaac Kannon, “Isaac’s success is now our heritage.”

In fact, it’s the generations of families and repeat customers that are the true testament to Kannon’s success. We invite you to stop by and enjoy the “Kannon’s Experience” at either of our locations in Village District.